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Thomas Mazer

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Thomas Mazer

Hi, my name is Thomas Mazer. I grew up in Ohio , right outside of the Cleveland area. As a kid, I was deeply moved by  art and design and one of my favorite things to do was visit the  Cleveland Museum of Art.

After graduating high school, I received an academic scholarship to The Ohio State University  where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Media Arts and  Computer Science with honors. While attending The Ohio State University I  fell in love with the art of designing websites . It was at this point in my life that I realized, web design is all I wanted to do. I have a deep passion and love for it.

Since graduating, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing companies. I started my career off with Microsoft as  a Software Development Engineer working on several amazing projects.  After working at Microsoft for 2 years I met the love of my life and my  wife, Amy. After working another year at Microsoft, I took an offer to  work at IBM as a software designer. I worked for IBM for a little over 3 years, working on some challenging and fun projects.

Though I loved working for Microsoft and  IBM, I was still very passionate about web design. After talking with my  wife about my passion, she encouraged me to speak with her brother who  was friends with the owner of LUCID.  

After reaching out to Matthew and expressing my passion, he offered me a  position with LUCID in which I could fulfill my desire to build  high-quality websites.

I can truly say working for LUCID has  been a dream come true. It has not only helped me to grow as a designer  and developer, it has also helped me to grow in my understanding of  business and as a person. Now I spend my days doing what I absolutely  love and there is no better place than LUCID to do it.

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