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Sara Bleau

Director of Marketing
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Matthew McWaters

My name is Sara Bleau and I’m the marketing director here at Lucid. I grew up in the small town of Buckeye Arizona playing a variety of sports and many extra curricular activities. It was then that I realized I loved working with others and had a passion for people. 

After high school I was fortunate enough to receive a full academic scholarship to Arizona State University. During my four years there I double majored in communications and business management. 

I wasn’t quite sure what my dream job was, but I knew I had very high goals set for myself and that I wanted to travel so I needed a career that had the flexibility to allow that type of lifestyle. I had done the standard college jobs such as bartending and waiting tables, but was ready for something more. 

After college I worked for a sales and marketing firm for two years and received the best hands on education. It’s because of my time there with high end clients and field experience that I was able to advance into a position as an independent contractor. I now have a lot more flexibility on my day to day schedule, but am too ambitious to quit there. That is why when I found out about the opportunity here at Lucid I jumped on it. To be able to work directly with clients and be a key factor in their professional development is wonderful. 

The internet is essential to every business in today’s world and getting to provide websites that give our clients exposure to customers is very important to me. The business partnership program provides training and direct coaching that is unmatched. I’m excited to be a part of the company and for our future! 

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