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Samantha Miller

Director of Partnership
(210) 570-2379
Matthew McWaters

Hi there, my name is Samantha Miller and I am the Director of the Business Partnership program here at LUCID.

I’ve been in the business management sector for about 20 years now, formerly working for companies such as Sun Micro Systems and Intel. After having my second son James, my husband and I decided that we needed a change of pace and wanted to do things on our own. We looked at a lot of different opportunities that were available in the tech industry, however we both felt that none of those opportunities meet our needs in way that would provide us with the flexibility we were looking for. 

One late afternoon I happen to be on Facebook and run across LUCID and I was immediately hooked in by the Partnership program and the flexibility it offered to my husband and I. We took a good hard look at the Partnership program, talked with Matthew and decided to sign up. Singing up was one of the best decisions that we’ve made, and I am so thrilled we did. 

About 8 months into being a Partner, Matthew asked me if I’d be interested in becoming the director of Partnership. I was honored by the offer, talked it over with my husband and said yes. Being a Partner has offered me an opportunity to see things from our Partner’s perspective and it has allowed me to help streamline the Partnership program in a way that is more conducive for our Partners. 

My goal is to make our Partnership program the best Partnership program hands down. 

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