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Rick Day

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Rick Day

Hi, my name is Rick Day. I am married  with four children and live in beautiful Arizona. Someone once told me,  “Build your own dreams or someone will hire you to build theirs.” That  little bit of wisdom has stuck with me.

Prior to LUCID,  I was in construction for over 25 years, a firefighter for six years, a  martial arts instructor for 30 plus years, and an entrepreneur of life  living paycheck-to-paycheck.

While working in construction (seeing the onset of retirement in my near  future) I wanted to find a way to generate more income for my family,  so that we could be secure in my retirement. Along the way, I tried  several online businesses that promised to help me do just that, however  none of them worked out. There were always hidden fees and catches, you  know what I am talking about here. You would visit their website sign  up for $99.99 only to find out that you had to pay $499 for an email  list of cold leads or $199 a month to use their software.

One day, while sitting on my brother’s coach in Alaska and  being absolutely frustrated with all the games that these businesses played, I turned to my brother and said, “Let’s do something big.” “You  are coder and you build websites for a living, let’s try doing something  new and different.” That night we had an amazing conversation that led  us into creating the Business Partnership Program, a program that has no hidden fees and that helps entrepreneurs start their own business and helps business owners make more money.

For two years, my brother and I worked on developing the business plan and business model as well as the software  needed for our Business Partners. After kicking around some great ideas  and doing some serious testing my brother and I launched the Business  Partnership Program in January of 2017.

In my opinion, there is nothing quite so extraordinary as seeing a vision or an idea being birthed into reality  and grow into an industry. With LUCID, I now have the unique opportunity  to help thousands of entrepreneurs, sales associates, web designers and  business owners make their visions and ideas come to life and that’s an  incredible privilege and honor for me.


Though I am the Director of Operations ,  this is much more than just a job. This is my passion and I work with  our team to build powerful tools for individuals and businesses at a  local, national and global scale. In the process, I get to help people  find greater success and deeper meaning in their own lives.

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