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Our Story

Our Story

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Matthew McWaters

Our Story

A word from MatthewMcWaters

"I am so glad that you have come to visit our business and find out a little more about LUCID. I know that you work hard day and night, just like I do. I know that you want to see your business succeed and that you have invested countless hours into your business. I can assure you that our team will work just as hard to help your business become more successful online. We are committed to your business and we go the extra mile to provide you with the highest level of services and support."

The Story
As with every great story, it all began when young man named Matthew McWaters had a dream. His dream was simple, start a business that would provide affordable services and good customer support. One day, Matthew shared his dream of starting a business with a good friend and his friend encouraged him to pursue his dream and take charge of his life. Armed with this encouragement and feeling inspired by his friend, Matthew wrote up a business plan, got a business license and opened his small business from his one bedroom apartment in 2009.

Initially, Matthew started the business to serve people who needed computer repair services or assistance with IT services due to his skill set. At first business was slow, however Matthew kept working at it day and night while also working a full-time job as a case manager. Matthew worked hard on his little at home business, fixing everything from computers to X-Boxes, Playstations and smart phones. Matthew’s philosophy was, “If I can fix it, I will. If I can’t fix it, I’ll find out how to fix it.”

About a year after Matthew started LUCID, several of Matthew’s friends began asking him to build websites for their business or a personal blog. Matthew had a few years’ worth of web design experience under his belt, so he said why not. After Matthew built 4 or 5 websites, he realized how much he loved it. Matthew also saw that a website could make or brake a business.

Due to the success of LUCID’s web design sales and productivity, Matthew changed the focus of the business to web design. Soon after that, LUCID became a full-service web design company that provided mobile friendly web design services. Matthew had this to say about changing his service model, “When I changed my business plan to adapt to the needs of the market, that’s when LUCID started to grow consistently.”

In 2015, Matthew and his brother Rick came up with an interesting idea – Partnership. Matthew and Rick kicked around several ideas of how partnership would work, look and serve its members. After two years of planning, designing the Smart Website Builder and the Smart Customer Relationship Manager, Matthew and Rick launched the Partnership program. Matthew had this to say about the Partnership program, “Even before we launched the Partnership program, Rick and I knew that we had something special. Something that would empower entrepreneurs to become successful and generate more income.”

The Partnership program was not an instant success, however after some time and some good marketing efforts, the Partnership program began to build momentum. This momentum led to LUCID opening several offices (divisions) all across the United States.

Today, LUCID is one of the fastest growing web design companies in the U.S., due to its management team, core values and business partners.

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