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How to determine the services you need.

In this quick "How to Guide," we’ll cover what you need to know to make a good purchasing decision. Please keep in mind that you’ll need a domain name at some point and you can purchase one on our domain name page.
Step 1: Get Hosting for Life
All websites need a hosting. Hosting is simply a file on a server where your website’s files are stored and then displayed on the internet when someone looks for it. Unlike other companies, our hosting is for life as long as your website remains with us. This will save you at least a few hundred dollars a year.

Step 2: Get Web Pages
You’ll need web pages to display your content. We can build all kinds of web pages for you with different layouts, styles and colors.

Step 3: Website Options & Features
All web pages need certain features to attract attention and turn your website’s visitors into paying customers. We recommend that you get the following options and features to start:

•    Contact Form
•    Calls-to-Action
•    Social Media Widgets
•    Social Media Share Widgets
•    Maps

Step 4: Personalized Experience
If you are looking to increase your online sales or generate more leads a personalized experience is the way to go. A personalized experience gives your website’s visitors a unique experience based on the visitor’s location, a promotion you are running, or how many times they’ve visited your website.

Step 4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in the search engines. Optimizing your website means that you’ll get more visitors to your website, more leads in the que and more sales opportunities.

Step 5: Website Analytics
Website Analytics are extremely helpful. Analytics help you to determine how your website is performing. Analytics also help you to gain insights as to how your ad campaigns and personalized experiences are performing as well. Unlike other services out there, we provide you with Analytics for Life as long as your website remains with us.

Step 6: Website Management
Though website management is optional, it is always a good idea. Website management is much like taking your car in and getting it serviced on a regular basis. Our website management services also save you time and money by updating things like:

•    Text
•    Graphics
•    Products
•    Videos
•    MP3’s
•    PDF’s
•    Contact Forms
•    Business Info
•    Business Profile
•    Social Media Links
•    Image Sliders
•    HTML
•    Photo Gallery
•    Icons
•    Favicons
•    Click to Call
•    Email Address
•    Menus
•    Locations (maps)
•    Online Scheduling
•    Blog
•    Navigation Links
•    Mutli-Language
•    RSS Feeds

If you need help, you can alwayscontact us via our contact page.

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