How Partnership Works

How Partnership Works

How Partnership Works

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Partnership In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, a Partner seeks out small businesses, builds a websitefor them and gets a 65% commission* for their work.
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Lead Channels

Lead Channels

The Partnership program is based on two lead channels - The leads you generate for yourself and the leads LUCID generates on your behalf through its website or local ad campaigns. To help generate more leads for your business, LUCID will run ad campaigns† for your division every 90 days for a period of 30 days. 


When you receive a lead a lead from LUCID or you find one on your own, you simple contact the potential customer to discover their needs and budget. You can do this over the phone, in an email or in person. A good way to do this is to utilize our sales collateral to present your customer with important information about how you can help their business grow. 
The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

Once you have an understanding of your customer's needs and budget, you'll work with the customer to choose hosting, how many web pages they will need, website options and other services that meet their specific needs and budget. 
Closing the Sale

Closing the Sale

After you and the customer have agreed to a specific number of pages and services that meets their needs and budget, you can close the sale and have the customer purchase a new website by visiting our store.   
Build a Website

Build a Website

After you have closed the sale and the customer has purchased a website, you'll receive a email notification from LUCID to begin working on the website using our Smart Web Builder. As a rule of thumb we like to say that it takes about 4 - 6 weeks to complete a website.   


As you are working on the customer's website, follow-up with them once a week to let them know where you are at in the design process. When you follow-up with your customer be sure to ask any clarifying questions you have about the website. 
Final Draft

Final Draft

Before you connect your customer's amazing website to their domain name, send us an email letting us know that its time for your customer to review the website. We'll send your customer an email so that they can review the website to ensure that it meets their standards and needs.   
Post Follow-Up

Post Follow-Up

Once the website is launched, follow-up with your customer within 2 weeks to see how they like the website and to offer some of our other services like website management, website analytics, and/or our CRM.   


Do I need to know how to code?

No. The Website Builder was designed for those who have no coding or development experience, however if you are an experienced coder or developer you can integrate your own code into the Website Builder. 

How often do I get paid?

LUCID distributes your commissions based on the previous months earnings and pays you on the first of the month by check or direct deposit. For example, if you made $3,900 in January, you would receive $3,900 on February 1st.  

How much can I make?

How much you make is up to you, however there is a minimum sales goal of $6,000 after the initial 4 month start-up phase. This minimum sales goal ensures that you will make a minimum of $3,900 per month.

Can I cancel my Partnership?

Yes. If you are considering canceling your Business Partnership Agreement please contact us and let us know why you are thinking about canceling your agreement. We may be able to help you maintain your division of LUCID and increase your profits. 

How do customers find my division?

We will add your division of LUCID to Google maps so that customers can find your local business quickly and easily. This also helps us to promote your division on a local level.

Can I White Label?

Yes, absolutely! We know that many individuals already have their own business, however they want to add or white label the services of LUCID to complement their current services. 

Can I except checks or cash?

No. LUCID does not accept checks or cash payments at this time. All payments must be made online through our payment provider. 

Can I sell my division?

Yes! There are some general guidelines to selling your division and you must have been an active Partner for 3 years or more. You'll also receive a 65% commission on the sale of your division (less taxes). Call us to find out more.  

Can I have more than one division?

Yes! You can operate more than one division of LUCID as long as it is located in the state you currently reside in. If you are seeking to open a division outside of the state you live in, please contact us. 

Can I "will" my division?

Yes, however LUCID must per-approve the family member(s) in which the division is being Willed to. If you Will your division of LUCID to a family member that has not been approved by LUCID, LUCID reserves the right to either terminate your Business Partnership Agreement, take ownership of your division and/or sell the division.  

Can I hire employees?

Yes! You can hire employees to do the work for you at your own expense, however you’ll need to notify us of your candidates and provide their information so that we can set up the appropriate accounts for them. 

Can I rent or lease an office?

Yes! You can rent or lease an office at your own expense. If you need insurance for the office give us a call or email us and we will direct you to our insurance agency.  

Are there any fees?

There are two basic fees - the annual fee and the online transaction fee. The annual fee ($299.99) covers the cost of using our software and services. The online transaction fee is for processing online payments (2.9%). 

What about taxes?

Partners are considered agents and/or independent contractors of LUCID. This means that no income tax or FICA tax is withheld. You will still be responsible for your own taxes from the commissions you receive from LUCID. 
* How much a Partner makes is determined by the Partner's initiative, local economic conditions, and the marketing efforts of the Partner. LUCID is not responsible for the Partner's level of financial success. Taxes and online transaction fees apply. † The timing and use of Ad Campaigns are determined by LUCID. LUCID reserves the right to run Ad Campaigns at will and on any ad campaign platform it chooses.
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